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Greater Victoria, BC:   250-483-4052

Canada/USA Toll-free: 1-866-MAC-GEEK

My Goal is Your Satisfaction

While Macintosh computers are among the most reliable and trouble-free machines on the market, and Mac OS X has a well-deserved reputation for stability and freedom from most types of malware, even Mac users can have problems with their computers. Hard drives can die. RAM can go bad. Power surges or outages can cause file or directory corruption. I can help with these sorts of problems.

If your Mac won’t boot up, I have disk repair utility CDs, USB sticks and external Hard Drives that will usually let me boot your machine and repair the problem (if it isn’t in the hardware). I can help you to install new software or software updates. I can help you transfer your data from your old Mac or PC to your new Mac. I can set up or upgrade your home or office network. I can show you how to use your Mac and your software, and help you choose a new Mac.

If you have a relatively modern Mac, with Mac OS X 10.3.9 or newer and high speed internet access, I can remotely control your Mac in order to troubleshoot problems and demonstrate solutions, often for less than the cost of an onsite visit. My rates are affordable, and I come to your home or office. I'm your Mac Geek 4 Hire and I'm here to help.